Web Design

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Web Design: Kangaroo Kit

During my time at Bright Bridge Web, I designed a website for "Kangaroo Kit," a startup company that sells waterless hygiene kits. I communicated with the clients, managed the developers assigned to the project, and helped with front end development on Wordpress.

You can view the full website here


App Design: Quarantango

I created an app design for an online dating app I call, "Quarantango." During this time of quarantine and sickness, dating has become extremely difficult. This dating app differs from others because it includes options to participate in an actual online date. You can search for connections then invite them to play an online game, watch a movie together, or facetime.

I designed this site while focusing on simple graphics, a user friendly system, and a clear color scheme.

Web Design: Snack Perk

I recently finished a redesign for the site, Snack Perk, an e-commerce site that sells snack box subscriptions.

I worked directly with the client to create a fresh color scheme, new graphics, and a better layout.

I created the graphics on Illustrator, designed the mockup with Figma, and helped develop the site on Wordpress. You can view the full site here


Mobile Journey

I designed, coded, and published a small mobile journey displaying the top five restaurants in Cedar City. Each restaurant has it's own icon, page, and rank.

I also implemented google maps for each restaurant in order to provide the user with an accurate destination.

Each illustration and texture displayed in this site was created by me in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. View the full site here. (It looks best in mobile view)