Publication Design

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Hope Journal

The Hope Journal is an interactive book where users can participate in anxiety relieving worksheets, respond to journal prompts, make goals, look at calming artwork, and read motivational quotes. I created this journal in hopes of reaching those who may not have access to a therapist or in need of extra help. Mental health is an alarming issue in today's world and my dream is for my journal to bring a refuge to those in need.

My book was on display at the Southern Utah Museum of Art (SUMA) during the summer of 2020. To encourage participation and exhibit interactivity, I also created a wall with the caption, "What gives you hope?" as well as multicolored sticky notes for participants to respond with. Most of the sticky notes expressed gratitude for loved ones, religion, or activities that give hope. My goal was to get people thinking about the happier things in life and to remember to continue hoping.

Typography Book

I designed this booklet to go over common Typography Terms. I am usually a more illustrative focused designer, so for this project I challenged myself to only use shapes and typography for designs. It was a great creative exploration of layout, color choice, typography, and visual representation.

Calendar Design

I created this 2019 calendar with a bird lover theme. I combined photography, vector graphics, typography, and a cut out design.

My goal was to create a unifying element that connected each page. I love the creativity that cut outs offer in publication design. Each page displays the vector image of a bluebird interacting with real life photography.

The final page in the calendar displays a set of birds and their names. If I was to continue this calendar theme, each year would display a different bird.