Print Design

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Album Cover

I designed an album cover, poster, and liner notes for Florence and the Machine's album, "Lungs."

My favorite aspect of this project is the cut out lungs on the cover. I used the negative space to slide in the red liner notes, allowing you to interact with the cover.

For the liner notes and poster, I photographed pictures of machine parts and flowers as a  subtle reference to the band name. I then laid out lyrics, song titles, and photos in a consistent, readable manner.


Billboard Design:
Bright Bridge Web

I designed two billboards for Bright Bridge Web. The latest one is located on University Ave in Provo, Utah. I designed the graphics, created the tagline, and exported it for printing. 

Bright Bridge Web expressed that they had several potential clients mention the billboard when contacting them for a project.

Greeting Cards

I created my own set of greeting cards with watercolor illustrations and cute puns! First, I used watercolor to illustrate the animals on rough paper. Next, I scanned the illustration and edited within Procreate and added on text. Finally, I exported them and laid them out on Indesign so they would print in the correct layout.

I took this project a step further and sold my cards in a student run pop-up shop in Cedar City.

Poster Design: Typography

These posters were designed to showcase the font family Ostrich Sans. Each poster displays the alphabet, font types, and sizes. All illustrations were done in Adobe Illustrator and carefully placed to emphasize the font.

Pamphlet: Creative Map

For this project, I was challenged to make a creative map. I decided to make a typographic map of Walmart and name it, "Walmart Wanderings." Armored only with my phone, I wandered the halls of Walmart and recorded conversations. I then scanned my handwritten records onto Adobe Illustrator and arranged it by section on a map of the supermarket. Each section has words that I heard in that very area, making it an accurate representation of my own wanderings.