Digital Design

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Infographic: Horcruxes

I designed this digital infographic to visually explain Voldemort's Horcruxes in the "Harry Potter" series.

Each section contains a vector illustration, title, and brief summary of the specific horcrux. They are all ordered by the date of destruction so the reader can follow along and better comprehend the information displayed.

This project was fun and challenging because it provided a new way to display information. Layout, images, colors, and hierarchies were all important elements in this creation.

Social Media: Bright Bridge Web

I'm currently in charge of Bright Bridge Web's Instagram. I create each post with Illustrator, post frequently, and reply to any questions or comments. I  post motivational quotes, web design tips, customer reviews, advertise company products, and share past projects on a weekly basis all while maintaining a basic color scheme to reflect company branding.

View the full Instagram page here

Instagram Ads:
Temple Square

I worked with the Temple Square marketing team to design Instagram ads for two of their restaurants: The "Roof Restaurant" and "The Garden Restaurant."

I used their restaurant's current color scheme, photos, and logos to create the ads. I then added my own elements, such as the Art Deco border in "The Roof Restaurant" ad.