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Logo Design

I designed a logo for "Wyatt's Scrapbooking," a company that sells scrapbooking supplies such as rubber stamps, stickers, and paper. The company is eco friendly and utilizes recycled material.

I began this project by drawing sketches that connected their values with their products. I wanted it to have a nature, eco-friendly feel presented in a stamp-like design. Next, I designed it in Illustrator where I used effects to give it a grungy and crafted feel. I also added a box around the logo to further connect it to scrapbooking.

My final design works in color, black, and white so it can be utilized in a variety of formats.


Logo Design

I designed a logo concept for Savvy Services. The client expressed a desire for a modernized, clean look. I chose to focus more on typography in order to give the company a very simple, easily recognizable logo. I utilized a bright orange color to bring a friendly, cheerful feeling to the company name. I also inserted the logo into signage and business card mockups.

Templates Topia

I designed a logo, style guide, and website for Templates Topia, a site that advertises Bright Bridge Web's wix templates.

I designed the logo and graphics in Illustrator, built a mockup in Figma, and developed the site on Wix. You can view the full site here.

Ad Campaign

I was tasked with designing an ad campaign for the company, Savvy Services. Savvy is a company that connects tradesmen with customers. In order to target both sides, my ad campaign focused on the message of being tired.

The client responded very positively to my ads and plans to use them for his marketing efforts.